YES! One of the greatest features to a WordPress site is the built-in ability to write and post blog content. WordPress primarily began as an open source blogging software before it evolved into one of the more powerful and popular CMS platforms out there. It can be easy to abandon the blogging aspect of a WordPress site and concentrate solely on the design and appearance. This is unfortunate, however, because it is the blog that drives traffic to your website and this is what helps with your search engine ranking.

We’ve discussed before the importance of doing things to help your search engine ranking and that traffic to your website, both new and return visitors, will be a huge factor in the overall success and outreach of your site. There is no better way to do this organically speaking than to write a blog and keep fresh content coming to your site. Whether it’s a website/business owner or a contracted professional writer, a current blog that generates fresh content on a regular basis speaks volumes of your site’s brand, authenticity and relevance. Here are five (5) ways that a blog helps your site and why you should be actively blogging:

  1. A fresh blog with engaging, unique and interesting content will keep visitors coming back for more and will keep them on your site longer.
  2. Search engines favor sites that are regularly updated with fresh content and will consider your site to be relevant and useful – all factors that improve your SEO score.
  3. A blog will help you build a fan base of loyal subscribers which can then lead to the increased potential of sales and growth for your small business.
  4. A blog helps you develop relationships with potential customers. With the ability of having comments on your blogs, you can get valuable feedback and insight into current trends and other important information that will help you grow and strengthen your overall efforts.
  5. It will help set you apart among your peers and present yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry. By appearing as an expert in your field, readers and viewers alike will be more apt to favor you over others.

At Site Rockstar, we understand the value and importance of a blog and this is one of the reasons why we specialize in WordPress and are passionate about setting you up with a new personal or business WordPress site and keeping it maintained. It is time to not only have a beautiful website but also express your passion and knowledge and build a readership base.

Again, we at Site Rockstar can’t stress it enough. There is no question about it, you should actively be writing and maintaining a blog for your WordPress site if you are not already. If you are one of those who do have a WordPress site up and running with a fresh and unique blog, let us help you keep your site maintained and running smoothly. You’ll be glad you did!