We’ve talked about all of the advantages of using WordPress for your new or existing website whether that be for your business or personal endeavors. From ease of use, themes, plugins, and more, WordPress is steadily gaining the attention of many users alike. With that said, what exactly is it that makes WordPress so special? What is going to allow WordPress to withstand the test of time? The answer is simple: WordPress is an open-source content management system that is actively being worked on by many contributors and developers alike.

Being an open-source platform provides a lot of unique benefits that appeal to a variety of audiences and users, one of those being that there are no associated costs with getting started. WordPress is free to download, use and modify and has been that way since its launch in 2003. This makes WordPress a great choice for small businesses and for those that are looking to establish a strong web presence in a day and age where having a website up is as important as it ever has been. Here are three (3) additional benefits of a platform that is open-source.

  1. Crowd-Sourced – As discussed, WordPress is developed by a community of developers who help to improve and increase its functions. All of this leads to better sustainability and long-term viability. It’s a safe bet that WordPress isn’t going to fall off of the map anytime soon. A collective effort of many leads to strong and powerful outcomes.
  2. Transparent & Reliable – Because many sets of eyes are looking over the code that is behind WordPress, this content management system has been thoroughly checked and reviewed for any flaws or potential security breaches. It is no wonder then that about 20% of websites and counting are using WordPress.
  3. Frequently Updated & Easy to Use – WordPress is frequently updated by its developers and any bugs that do arise are generally resolved very quickly. Also, this CMS is not only easy to use but highly customizable providing to its users a great deal of flexibility. This makes WordPress ideal for a variety of different users.

At Site Rockstar, we are firm believers in freedom, flexibility and performance. That is why we specialize in WordPress and make it our mission to create and maintain WordPress based sites. You can’t go wrong with using this open-source content management system. Don’t just take our word for it, countless WordPress users will attest to its many benefits and advantages. Still unsure? What’s holding you back? Contact us today and let us answer all of your questions!