Setting Up Statistical Tracking for Your Website


Perhaps one of the more sought after details about a website is the amount of traffic it gets and where its traffic is coming from. After all, without any visits and user engagement a website is rendered useless. At Site Rockstar, we wear many hats and understand the importance of this. We not only focus on keeping your website up-to-date and visually dynamic, but also provide you, the website owner and valued customer, detailed statistics and analysis. It is important for anyone who owns or runs a website to have access to this information.

This information can then be used to determine the success of your website and business and can give you valuable insight into any areas where there is room for improvement. We are proficient at setting up Google Analytics which provides you with the reporting measures that will accurately depict the number of page views, duration of visits, overall number of visits and other demographical information. Google Analytics is superior to many other tracking systems and we will gladly manage it all for you. What exactly stands Google Analytics apart?

Traffic Referrals

Google Analytics provides details in regards to search queries made using their search engine which leads users to your site, any links that direct users to your site from other websites and more.

Specific Page Traffic

Is there a particular page on your website that is getting more traffic than others? Which pages get the most? The least? Google Analytics lists your website traffic by pages URLs.

Total Sessions / Page Views

How many visits were made to your website in the past month? Out of these, how many were returning visitors and how many were new and unique ones? How many total pages are being viewed per visit? These statistics provide valuable insight. You want to see how your website is doing with engaging its visitors. After all, what good is it to have someone visit your site and shortly thereafter leave?

Number of Clicks / Impressions

Out of all the visits and page views you are getting, how many of these are converting into clicks whether that be to a contact form on your contact page, a custom link on one of your pages, on a call-to-action button and so forth? More often than not, it is not enough to merely garner page visits.

Traffic Demographics

Where is your traffic coming from? Is it global or localized? Are you getting the appropriate traffic for your website? For example, if you have a US based business with a target customer demographic of exclusively North America, any traffic that you are getting on an international level may not be as much value to you.

Site Rockstar has a dedicated team that can manage and provide you with your personalized Google Analytics statistics on a monthly basis. Sometimes you may not understand or care to dive in and learn all about the different statistical terms and meanings. Let us help you avoid that headache moving forward. Getting you set up with us is a cinch and you’ll be glad you did!

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