Over time, WordPress has grown at a staggering pace. What began as a simple blogging interface has now evolved into a content management system that gives one the ability to create a beautiful and stunning website. Officially born in 2001, WordPress thrives due to its open-source platform which is contributed to by the many community developers who believe in the importance of software freedom. WordPress continues to set itself apart from all other CMS solutions out there.

We’ve discussed some of the various key components of WordPress sites from themes and plugins to eCommerce functionality and more. The developers behind these assets are a prime example of the WordPress development community. Did you know that WordPress now accounts for almost 20% of all websites? To put this in perspective, that equates to almost 75 million websites! Here are five more interesting facts about WordPress that might make you scratch your head.

  1. Every second, over 20 posts are published via WordPress based sites.
  2. The latest version of WordPress (4.6) has been already downloaded over 20 million times.
  3. There are currently 72 translations (available languages) of WordPress.
  4. There are almost 50,000 plugins available for use with WordPress sites.
  5. About a quarter of WordPress users make a living off of the CMS.

Ironically, it’s found that WordPress is more popular with businesses versus news oriented companies and sites. There is no end in sight to the popularity or growth of this powerful and quickly expanding CMS. With that said, it’s important for WordPress users to keep their sites updated. Unfortunately, less than half of all WordPress websites are actively monitored and kept up-to-date which can put users at risk for compromising activity.

Here at Site Rockstar, our passion lies with WordPress. We understand its integral part of the web community today and want to share that with you and help you expand your business or personal endeavors by keeping your site up and running. Running on another platform? No problem, we can help you transition your site over today. Start taking advantage of the plethora of benefits that WordPress is already providing its millions of current users, you will be glad you did!