The Importance of Backing Up Your Website


One of the worst fears of a website owner is for his or her site to crash and not be able to recover anything. A website is an investment of time and money and for it to be lost in a blink of an eye can actually be quite devastating. This is why it is crucial to back up a website on a regular basis in the event that a technological catastrophe occurs.

How often should your website be backed up? One of the factors that can help you determine this frequency is the nature and content of your website. How often are you making updates to your website? Is it a blog with regular and fresh content? If so, you should ideally be backing up your website no less than once a week.

If your site is more or less static, has informational content that doesn’t really change and you have no intentions on altering anything on your site in the near future, then you could get away with backing up your website once a month or something along those lines. Here are a few tips and ideas to consider when backing up your website..

Location of Backup

You should backup your site in multiple locations (i.e. your hosting account, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.) This way, you will have a means of accessing a backup in the event that your computer or hard drive crashes. When it comes to technology, anything can happen and it is a good idea to prepare yourself for the worst.

Frequency of Backup

We touched up a little on this but again it can’t be stressed enough to regularly backup your website especially if you are pushing out updates and fresh content on a constant basis. By having these backups in place, you can avoid a very stressful situation if your website crashes which can happen at any given time.

Hosting Provider

Does your current hosting provider offer site backups as a part of their services? If so, you should definitely take advantage of this. Oftentimes, these types of backups are automated but it is a good idea to double check with them. You should still implement your own backups regardless.

Here at Site Rockstar, we not only maintain your site and help you keep it up-to-date, but we also provide a top-notch hosting environment which includes regular daily website backups. All of our Website Care Plans include off-site backups as well. Our number one goal is to keep your site from ever crashing or going down in the first place but we understand that at any time something can happen. It is better to play it safe and avoid being sorry later.

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