Becoming more and more popular, a WordPress multisite provides unique advantages to those who are using WordPress to power their websites. By being able to manage multiple WordPress sites from one single WordPress installation, site owners have quicker and easier access to their content while being able to efficiently manage and operate their backend systems. This saves time and money while simplifying the process.

If you’re considering using WordPress or taking your existing WordPress installation and setting up a multisite, Site Rockstar can help. We are proficient with all things WordPress and we also understand the intrinsic value of an effective and easy-to-use content management system. It is important to have a well-oiled machine running your website because what’s underneath the hood is just as import as the look and feel of your website. Here are just a few reasons for how you can find a WordPress multisite beneficial to you.

  1. Manage a network of sites from one location – A WordPress multisite gives you the ability to have a common username and password which grants you access to a dashboard that ties multiple sites together. There really is no limit to how many sites a multisite can contain. This type of setup is ideal for blogging and content-rich sites.
  2. Make simultaneous changes to a network of sites – With a WordPress multisite, it is possible to make certain changes, both design and technical, that apply to a number of sites all at once. These changes could be switching out a theme, updating or adding a user to one or more of your sites, and so on. Multisites are efficient timesavers!
  3. Multisites are server friendly and effective – Without the additional overhead of multiple WordPress installations with your web hosting provider and the use of shared themes and plugins, multisites can save and preserve server resources. When it comes to upkeep, it provides for a smoother operation overall. If you have multiple products and / or websites that you need to set up, a multisite could be exactly what you are looking for to get to that next level.

How can I determine if a WordPress multisite is right for me? If you only have a few sites, especially ones that are not directly related to each other industry or topic wise, it’s not ideal to set up a multisite. Also, any plugins that you might want to use for one of your subsites will be readily available for all subsites in the network, regardless of the site. However, if you have a lot of smaller ‘niche’ sites and uniform content across a number of sites, a multisite is just for you!

At Site Rockstar, we can convert existing WordPress sites into one single multisite installation and help you manage your multisite setup effectively. For those who make the transition, it’s only a matter of time before the advantages and benefits of a multisite are realized. Make the most of your time by merging your sites into a single multisite today and start saving your time and energy when it comes to managing your websites for more important pressing matters. Contact us today to get started!