There’s more to getting your website up and running than simply building it in WordPress. Once your website has been designed, you need to select a web host. Web hosting is what allows people to actually visit your website. However, not all hosting providers are created equal. Understanding what to look for in a web host could make a big difference for your website in the long run.

What Do Web Hosts Do?

In many ways, web hosting is like the “house” where your website and all its associated files live on the internet. A web host stores your website’s information, and serves it to anyone who types in the domain address.

The domain name for your website works in sync with web hosting services. The settings for your domain registration need to be updated so it will direct visitors to your web host. You can buy the domain name and web hosting from the same company, or purchase them separately. You can even move to a different web host than the one you originally used for your website — you just need to remember to update your domain name settings appropriately.

Web hosts are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly on their end so that your website is always available to visitors, without any performance problems. This includes firewalls and other security needs, as well as back-end maintenance.

How to Pick the Right Web Hosting Provider

These days, there are many web hosting providers available — so how do you pick the right one for your needs?

Start with the basics. Quality web hosting providers should have a strong reputation and good reviews. They should also be able to provide 99 percent uptime, minimizing the potential for service outages. No provider can guarantee 100 percent uptime (in part because of required maintenance), but quality web hosts should ensure this will almost never be a problem for your brand. Fast and reliable hosting is the standard.

Quality web hosts are available 24/7, providing constant security monitoring for your website. Because you’re not a programmer, the control panel should also be easy for you to use and understand. Quality web hosts provide one-click installation and even enable easy migration from different hosting providers.

Finally, a quality web hosting provider will account for the unique needs of your site. Some businesses only need one website with relatively limited storage space. Other companies may need to host multiple websites, and have hundreds of email accounts linked to the business. The ability to pick what works best for you — and to upgrade or downgrade as needed — will help you manage your budget while achieving great online performance.

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