We’ve gotten used to the idea of getting software and hardware updates for the programs and devices we use for both our personal and business life. These updates are often done to address bugs, security flaws, and other maintenance concerns. In the same way, your website requires ongoing maintenance to continue to provide a great experience for your customers.

Like it or not, you can never take a “set it and forget it” mindset with your website — even when using a WordPress site. In fact, without monthly maintenance checks, your website could experience bugs, downtime, and other problems that cause you to lose potential customers.

The Benefits of Consistent Website Maintenance

There are many different things that go on in the background to help your website function properly. Your website’s overall performance — including its load times and potential downtime issues — are ultimately dependent on the WordPress software and all plugins functioning like they are supposed to.

This includes ensuring that content updates, analytics monitoring, and design changes are done properly, in a way that accounts for the software and plugins that you use. Something as simple as not having up-to-date plugins could completely compromise the functionality of your site, making it harder for visitors to use it.

In some cases, continuing to use out-of-date software and plugins could put your site’s security at risk, making its content and any user information vulnerable to hacking attempts. Maintenance gives you and your visitors peace of mind that the site is safe and secure.

Why You Should Leave Website Maintenance to the Professionals

Just like you would generally leave plumbing repairs to an expert plumber, you should also leave website maintenance to the professionals. 

Like it or not, sometimes performing an update from your own WordPress admin account isn’t the best solution. Sometimes, a plugin update can create issues with your website later on. If you aren’t keeping careful track of your site maintenance actions, it will be extremely difficult and time-consuming to track down what caused the issue and restore an old backup of your site. If you aren’t careful, you might even lose content changes, sales orders, and other vital information.

Trying to fix such problems yourself could cause further damage and make it harder to recover your site. On the other hand, leaving updates and fixes to the experts ensures that everything is documented and properly maintained. Your website will be in the hands of experts who fully understand how WordPress works and how to troubleshoot issues that might come up. They can even help recover and restore your site content, if needed.

By entrusting needed maintenance to experts, you have one less thing to worry about when running your business.

Let Site Rockstar Help You Care For Your Website!

At Site Rockstar, we understand just how important it is to keep your WordPress website running its best. That’s why we offer a broad range of website care plans that cater to your company’s needs.

By accounting for essential maintenance tasks like plugin and theme updates, full site backups, daily security scans, uptime monitoring, and more, you can have confidence that your site is secure and ready to serve your customers.