Register as an affiliate and earn 10% recurring commissions on our Website Care Plans.

For Web Designers and Agencies that build WordPress websites and need help with ongoing customer support, Site Rockstar has your back. Once a website is built it will always need care and attention. Site Rockstar can handle all of the ongoing website details so you can move on to the next project and rest assured that your customer is being taken care of. If you’d like to learn more:

Why partner with us:

  • Receive passive income from a trusted company
  • Feel confident that your customers will be cared for and serviced professionally
  • Simplify the tasks for your customer by introducing them to an all in one web service provider
  • You will create more value for your customer by creating a strategic partnership with Site Rockstar. This will increase your retention rate and generate more sales for your company!
  • Any new or additional web design work your customer may require will be referred back to you.
  • Partner Perks: FREE Website Care on your primary business site and discounted hosting (up to 40% off) for our referral partners for as long as you are actively referring your customers to Site Rockstar for Website Care.

We believe in establishing long term relationships and our goal at Site Rockstar is to keep you and your customer happy!

How It Works

You can partner with us in one of two ways, depending on what works best for you and your customers.

1) Send your customers an affiliate link and have them sign up directly with us.

You earn recurring commissions on the sale and you can remove yourself from the ongoing site care and headaches that can come with it. We take care of the billing and you can move on to your next project. We’ll keep your customers happy and when they’re ready for content changes on their site we’ll happily refer them back to you to take care of.
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2) Sign up for a Website Care Plan for your customer and charge what you like.

You earn recurring revenue based on the amount you choose to bill your customer. We stay behind the scenes, quietly taking good care of your customer’s website. You will remain your customer’s go-to contact if they’re having issues with their site. If it’s something covered in the Website Care Plan, let us know and we’ll get it taken care of.
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