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One of the worst fears of a website owner is for his or her site to crash and not be able to recover anything. A website is an investment of time and money and for it to be lost in a blink of an eye can actually be quite devastating. This is why it is…(Read More)

What are some things to consider when choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress website? Choosing a hosting provider is an important decision to make because you want a hosting environment that will not only provide you with optimal performance but also top-notch customer service and support. Looking for a reputable hosting provider can…(Read More)

It is important to keep your ­WordPress site up-to-date and current or you risk having unexpected downtime and other issues. These problems can lead to negative user experiences which can hurt your website’s reputation. When working on your site, it is always critical to create and employ backups in the event that…(Read More)

The ability to search, find and install themes for your new WordPress site makes building a graphically appealing and highly functioning website a cinch. There are hundreds upon thousands of themes with new ones being published each and every day by developers all around the world. The process of selecting a theme can be overwhelming…(Read More)

YES! One of the greatest features to a WordPress site is the built-in ability to write and post blog content. WordPress primarily began as an open source blogging software before it evolved into one of the more powerful and popular CMS platforms out there. It can be easy to abandon the blogging aspect of…(Read More)

Perhaps one of the more sought after details about a website is the amount of traffic it gets and where its traffic is coming from. After all, without any visits and user engagement a website is rendered useless. At Site Rockstar, we wear many hats and understand the importance of this. We not only focus…(Read More)

The beauty of WordPress is that it is an open source content management system with plenty of developers working day in and day out to continue improving what is already the number one go-to platform for many websites out there. WordPress simplifies the process of putting together a beautiful blog and website. From a…(Read More)

One of the biggest benefits of choosing WordPress for your website is that it is perfect for blogging and content creation. The ease of use of this dynamic CMS system makes it simple and easy to publish content and share to your prospective audiences. Having fresh content and loyal subscribers to your website are key…(Read More)