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When it comes to improving brand awareness online, most businesses understand the importance of things like keeping their website up to date or maintaining an active presence on social media. But these are far from the only tactics you can use to find new potential customers and improve SEO rankings. Here are some other digital…(Read More)

With stories of data breaches and hacks constantly in the news, it is abundantly clear that security should be a point of emphasis in managing your website. Enhancing your site security won’t just protect your own valuable data and content — it will also protect your customers from fraud and other hazards. The following are…(Read More)

Though improving your on-site SEO is an absolute must for website owners, this isn’t the only thing you need to worry about if you want to rank highly in Google search results. If you want to improve your SEO rankings so more potential customers can find your business, you must also take the…(Read More)

Social media has completely transformed the way we share and consume information online. In fact, many potential customers will first discover your brand through a Facebook ad campaign, rather than finding your website. With an estimated 40% of social media users follow brands online, there’s a good chance many of your current customers are…(Read More)

The start of a new year often serves as a time for reflection, and for setting new goals for improvement in the months ahead. Though many of us will make easily-broken resolutions regarding exercise or how we spend our free time, this time of year should also serve as a key moment for website…(Read More)

For many potential customers, your website serves as the first introduction to your brand. While using attractive images and persuasive language are important for making a good initial impression, to create conversions and get a solid return on investment from your site, you must provide a quality user experience. A user-friendly design will make…(Read More)

When it comes to building a WordPress website for your company, most small business owners tend to focus on selecting quality photos or crafting an easy-to-navigate layout. While these features are certainly important, you can’t allow them to overshadow site security. You might not think it, but small business websites are actually…(Read More)

These days, having a website isn’t optional for business owners — it’s essential. But your website won’t do you much good if new and returning customers aren’t able to discover it in the first place. In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, simply building a site in WordPress won’t be enough…(Read More)