Selling products online is more important than ever, but to provide a quality eCommerce experience, you need to make it easy for your customers to complete their purchase. A big part of this is choosing the right payment plugins to integrate with your WordPress site that will help you process their payments.

WordPress’s plugins system makes it easy to get your online store up and running so you can sell your products with minimal hassle and maximum security. While there are many payment plugins out there, these are some of your best options.


WooCommerce is a popular choice for when you need help setting up an online store from scratch. A key element of WooCommerce is its use of extensions, giving your store just as much functionality as you need. Popular extensions allow eCommerce sellers to offer a wide range of extras, such as integrating with Etsy listings, offering digital gift cards, or allowing customers to choose options like gift wrapping and special messages.

WooCommerce also integrates with a variety of online processors to ensure that you provide secure checkout for your customers. Integration with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Amazon Pay help you better maintain customers’ security and privacy.

Additionally, WooCommerce gives eCommerce entrepreneurs several tools that make the day to day aspects of running an online store that much easier. From providing shipping rates and label printing to automating tax calculations, this plugin makes life a lot easier.

Gravity Forms

As part of the checkout process, you need to collect a fair amount of information from your customers. Many eCommerce sites also give buyers the option to create an account to streamline future transactions. All of these processes require the use of forms — and few plugins make generating sales forms easier than Gravity Forms.

This WordPress plugin uses a visual form editor with pre-set form fields, allowing you to quickly put together a form that will collect the information you need during checkout. You can even use conditional logic to adjust what information you ask for based on the individual customer.

A straightforward method for embedding forms will ensure you collect everything necessary to properly process payments and maintain customer contact information for customer service and future marketing.


Not all entrepreneurs are selling a physical product. If you sell an online membership or other digital products or services, MemberPress will help ensure a smooth transaction. Fully integrated with Stripe and PayPal, this tool lets site owners sell online courses or lock downloads or access to parts of the site behind a paywall. With support for recurring payments, this platform is ideally suited for managing subscriptions.

Whether you’re trying to get customers to sign up for a monthly subscription box or attempting to gain signups for premium, exclusive content for industry news and insights, MemberPress will take the stress out of managing recurring payments.

Finding the Right Payment Plugins For You

While these three payment plugins are great options, they’re far from identical. By considering the types of products and services you plan to sell online, as well as how you want to operate your website, you’ll be able to determine the right payment plugin for your site.