The beauty of WordPress is that it is an open source content management system with plenty of developers working day in and day out to continue improving what is already the number one go-to platform for many websites out there. WordPress simplifies the process of putting together a beautiful blog and website. From a simple landing page to a full blown online store, you can get it done with a variety of WordPress extensions called plugins that add to the functionality of your website.

What make a website truly unique and powerful is what it can do and with the increasing number of plugins that are becoming available for WordPress, one can turn their website into a powerhouse even without coding or programming knowledge. Many plugins are free but others are fee-based which brings us to one question – is it worth paying for these plugins out of your own pocket? The strong consensus is an overwhelming yes. Here are some reasons why.

  1. There are many free plugins that can greatly enhance your website, but oftentimes premium (paid) plugins will simply give you something that a free one cannot. Beyond additional features, a developer may offer better support for a plugin if it is paid or subscription based.
  2. Even as a developer who knows programming, plugins will save you time and energy. Remember in school where then didn’t want you to use a calculator in math class? Well, plugins are like that calculator. It is far more effective and economical to spend less time to do something by using a plugin rather than spending that time on the development. As you know, time is money.
  3. There is a plugin for just about any type of functionality you can think of. It is akin to smartphones and the saying that there is an app for that. When coming across something that you are looking to do with your WordPress website, it is nice to know that there is a terrific chance you are not alone and that someone out there has come up with a plugin to provide the solution that you are looking for.

Plugins are well worth the cost. However, you must always do your research. The WordPress plugins repository provides reviews, the number of downloads, the last time a plugin has been updated and so on – all information that should be carefully considered when deciding on paying for a plugin or not. Check out the plugin developer’s repertoire – has he developed any other plugins? If so, how many?

Although premium plugins are a great investment when purchased wisely, you can easily spend money and lose money on something that is not what you expected or doesn’t work to the extent that you had hoped. At Site Rockstar, we understand this and can review your site and make recommendations of plugins that we know will work. Let’s get you going with WordPress today!