Optimize your WordPress Website, Increase Organic Traffic


After your new or existing website has been updated and is ready to go, the next course of action is to find and implement ways to drive traffic to your site which is crucial to your overall success. There are many different avenues and methods that can be explored to help with the overall traffic that your website is getting. It is important to research and do your homework as to save both time and money.

There are things that you can start doing now which can help to optimize your site and increase traffic organically. You do not necessarily need to be a web guru in order to start taking these measures today. In addition to having a strong web hosting provider in your corner, knowing what to do as well as what not to do will help you achieve stability and overall performance of your website which includes increased traffic.

  1. File Sizes – When uploading images and other media assets such as videos directly to your website, keep in mind the size of each file. The bigger the size, the longer it will take to load. This also has a negative impact on the server that is running your website as more resources are being used. By being thoroughly conscious of this, you can help improve the speed of your site. A slow site will frustrate your visitors!
  2. Show & Tell – Be proud of your website. Talk about it, share it with others on social media and by word of mouth. The more organic traffic you get, the better your search engine ranking will become which will drive even more traffic over to your website. There’s no better form of advertising than direct correspondence with your target audience.
  3. Organization – There should be a method to your madness, regardless of how many posts or pages that your website has. It should be relatively easy for end users to be able to find the content that they are looking for and when they find it, your content should easy to read and follow. Make sure that you are using a main menu that doesn’t have too many submenus or links. One of the factors that directly improve organic traffic (i.e. repeat visits) is customer and user satisfaction derived from visiting your website.

When it comes to your site, it’s not enough anymore to simply set up a landing page, throw some images and other content on there, and then call it a day. Sites should not only be current and graphically appealing, which are important in of themselves, but also should accurately and seamlessly convey the message and purpose of your site.

In addition to regularly maintaining your website, taking steps to help optimize the overall health and appearance of your site will improve your organic traffic. At Site Rockstar, we have experience with pushing websites to the next level. Let us get you going on the right track. Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did.

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